What is nomadic beekeeping?

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Nomadism in beekeeping

nomadic beekeeping , unlike sedentary beekeeping, involves transferring hives from one territory to another. Practicing nomadism in beekeeping means always looking for optimal areas for the settlement of bees.

A nomadic beekeeper chooses the place to move based on the presence of nectar plants . The choice is never accidental. The hives must be moved to areas that can benefit the bees' nourishment. Territories far from pollution and rich in food sources, greatly increase the productivity of bee swarms.

Why travel with bees

The choice to move with the bees creates a mechanism of symbiosis with the swarms. Beekeepers decide to move based on different factors such as: the season, the optimal temperatures and the types of products they want to obtain.

For example, if a beekeeper decided to produce coriander honey, he would have to move to areas rich in this plant species. Bees will produce honey based on nearby food sources.

For this reason, beekeepers practice nomadism. They try to produce different varieties of honey, obtainable from the nectar of wild plants. An example is wild lavender which is present in specific territories.

In summary, we can say that in a few months of the year, the swarms are loaded onto special vehicles and then transferred to areas of special flowering. All this allows the bees to always live in a stimulating environment full of flowers and vegetation of various types.

The advantages of nomadic beekeeping can bring benefits to both beekeepers and bee colonies . The result of this practice translates into obtaining high quality fine honey by the farmers. At the same time, bees live in environments that are very conducive to their development.

Being a nomadic beekeeper requires in-depth knowledge of plant species and plants.

It is essential to know the area where the transfer takes place and to find a position that is optimal for the hives. The choice of location is oriented towards areas where bees can move freely within the range of action necessary for optimal nectar collection.

Sedentary or nomadic beekeeping? Here is our choice

Like any type of business, there are some good points and some bad points.

When a beekeeper has to choose whether to practice a sedentary type of breeding or plan to move, he must evaluate his choice very well.

In fact, in nomadism, farmers must ensure the availability of means of transport and hours to devote to travel that not all beekeepers can afford. We are talking about a practice that, although it may be favorable for bees, requires a more significant commitment in terms of timing.

Let's not forget that bees must be transported in a certain way and that, if you do not have professional means, the swarms could become very weak during the journey. For the beekeeper, nomadism represents an opportunity to have more honey. The unfavorable points, however, concern the effort for travel, but also very demanding prerogatives from the point of view of regulations, permits and costs.

The choice of Laterza beekeeping was to practice sedentary beekeeping . Our company is located in a sufficiently diversified territory that allows us to produce honey of different types even during the same time of the season. Our bees are found in the immediate vicinity of plant species that are very useful for their production. The hives are far from inhabited centers and from pollution.

Production of honey from Apicoltura Laterza

We have been involved in the production of wholesale honey of the highest quality for years. Our twenty years of experience has allowed us to become a leader in this sector.

For years, our company has specialized in the sale of wholesale and retail honey in the form of 300 kg drums and 25 kg milk.

Our honey is the best of made in Italy. We produce different types of honey:

  • Wildflower honey;
  • Coriander honey;
  • Clover honey;
  • Citrus honey;
  • Cherry honey;
  • Thyme Honey;
  • Eucalyptus honey.
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