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Ligustica Queen Bees

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Suitable for the production of honey and pollen.

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Our Linguistic fertile queen bees are not artificially fertilized.

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Our experience spans 35 years of passion for fruitful Linguistic queen bees and for all other types of bees.

Our selection is carried out following specific parameters:

  • in spring they evolve with explosiveness good collection
  • very populous colonies
  • they are relatively mild
  • moderate swarming
  • holding the honeycomb
  • they quickly build honeycombs poor production of propolis

Linguistic fruitful queen bees

The ligustica bee is a breed of Italian origin. Its history dates back to before the ice age and continues today thanks to its particularly innate survival characteristics.

It is one of the most widespread subspecies in the world as regards honey bees. It is also highly appreciated by beekeepers, as it has strong adaptability to climates of any type (from subtropical to temperate).

The Italian bees have had a glorious evolution, favored by the Mediterranean climate which has accentuated their strengthening during the cold winters and against the humid spring temperatures of northern Italy.

Their peculiarity is a high consumption of stocks in winter. The tendency to hatch in the fall increases honey consumption. Furthermore, having evolved in a geographical area of ​​Italy very rich in nectariferous plants and almost no honey predators, the queen fruitful linguistic is tending to be docile and very laborious.

These qualities have guaranteed an ever increasing demand over the centuries to the point of exporting them all over the world.

It is no coincidence that it is the most used subspecies for reproduction among all bee breeds.


The characteristics that make the bees fruitful linguistic so appreciated are: its ductility and tolerance to intensive beekeeping techniques, its aptitude for breeding brood, thanks to the high oviposition capacity of the queens , the tendency to keep very populous colonies throughout the year, a good honeycomb seal and a low tendency to swarm.

  • in spring they evolve with explosiveness
  • good collection
  • very populous colonies
  • are relatively mild
  • moderate swarming
  • holding the honeycomb
  • quickly build honeycombs
  • low propolis production

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