Caring for colonies after swarming

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Bee families can become weaker following swarming: here's what to do

The swarming is a natural event that characterizes the natural cycle of each hive. During this process the old queen bee leaves the nest and part of the bee family goes with her.

The part of the swarm that remains in the hive is in a very delicate state. We know very well that the strength of a swarm of bees depends on the number of its components. The larger a swarm, the stronger the colony.

Following the swarming, the number of bees in the colony is halved and it is important that beekeepers monitor the situation within the farm as the colonies are weaker.

After the swarm, bees are more vulnerable and in need of care and attention. The health and survival status of bees depends on climatic conditions, the amount of food available, the age of the workers and many other factors.

In this article we will give you some tips on how to take care of your colonies after swarming by understanding specifically what happens during the replacement of the queen bee .

What is swarming and why it happens

swarming is a very interesting process that occurs mainly during the spring period. The swarm lasts about 3 weeks and is implemented when a swarm decides to replace its current queen with a new queen bee.

Bees swarm when the queen bee ages, its production rates also decrease. In fact, an old queen bee cannot produce the same amount of eggs as a young bee. The bees notice this decrease in efficiency and, at this point, they decide to create a new queen bee to replace the previous one.

As we all know, however, each hive can only contain one queen. For this reason, when bees build royal cells for the birth of a new queen, the old sovereign must necessarily leave the hive.

To thank her for her work, part of her swarm follows her to settle elsewhere and take care of her until the end of her days.

The queen bees are cared for by workers throughout their life as they are unable to provide for themselves. The worker bees take care of them from the first days of life until death. This is why part of the swarm leaves with the queen bee,

Queen bees dedicate their existence solely to reproduction, which is why they never learn to take care of themselves and survive on their own. The workers think of everything starting from feeding them with royal jelly to maintaining a comfortable temperature and cleaning them. Even in the old age phase, the worker bees will take care of the queen bee until the end of its existence.

What should beekeepers do after swarming

When bees swarm , they disperse around the area and go looking for other accommodation for the colony. This operation is very stressful for them and after swarming they are very vulnerable. Therefore it is important that beekeepers take care of the colonies after swarming .

The operations to be carried out after swarming vary according to the climatic and environmental conditions. What beekeepers need to do after the swarming phase is as follows:

  • Make sure the swarms have enough food and if not, add more frames of food and honey.
  • Inspect colonies for any problems and promptly treat them with specific products.

After 3 weeks of swarming:

  • Check for the presence of the queen bee;
  • Check the brood: in the absence of brood it is advisable to proceed with an oxalic acid treatment.

This phase is very important as it allows the swarms to remain strong and healthy. Beekeepers should always check bees after swarming to ensure abundant nutrition and to check the health of families.

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