Millefiori Honey

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This type of honey is divided into two categories:


Speaking of the first category of honey, it should be known that the nectar produced by bees includes a vast category of flowers found in the plains. For this reason, smell and taste may vary. The collection, as suggested by the name, takes place in the spring and is produced until June, July. It shows itself in a light, almost golden color.




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If it crystallizes in a homogeneous way, it presents itself with fine crystals; if, on the other hand, the crystallization occurs in a pasty way, it occurs in large and sticky crystals. It alternates its color from white to light beige after crystallization.

The nose is intense, enveloping, with fruity notes, sometimes reminiscent of chamomile flowers. But it can also present itself with a faint, musky smell, with fruity notes reminiscent of watermelon. Its flavor is sweet, aromatic and full-bodied.

It has a low intensity aroma reminiscent of fruit jellies. It is mainly used for growing children. It is source of vitamins and minerals which give energy and vitality, which is why it is present in diets by athletes. But not only for this.

It is excellent for the epidermis, as it promotes the wound healing process, as well as being an excellent moisturizer for skin and hair. It is antioxidant and is an excellent natural antibacterial. Obviously it is not used only as a sweetener, as this honey is also excellent in case of cough or irritation of the oropharyngeal tract being soothing and sedative. In the kitchen it is recommended to use it in salads, as a condiment. Excellent to accompany fresh or medium-aged cheeses.

The SUMMER MILLEFIORI , on the other hand, is the set of nectar produced by the numerous flowers found in the hills. At sight it is dark amber. Crystallizes in a compact way, with large crystals. It is obvious that this category of honey also varies from apiary to apiary. On the nose it is persistent and fruity. Its caramelized and fruity taste is appreciated above all by the little ones, but above all by mothers, who use it as a natural sweetener, as well as using it as a remedy for coughs and flu symptoms. This sweetness has properties of its own:

  • IT IS ANTINEVRALGIC : as it is able to fight pain and emigration due to strong stress. For this reason it could be defined as "relaxing", especially if associated with herbal teas, tea and chamomiles.
  • TONIFYING for skin and muscle tissues. This is also used by athletes.
  • IS A BEAUTY REMEDY , able to give brightness and radiance to the face and dull skins.

The collection and production takes place in late summer. From late June to September. In the kitchen it is excellent paired with dairy products or cheeses such as Taleggio, fresh Pecorino and Grana.

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