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The packs of bees are specifically "naked" artificial swarms, ie without frames, and represent an effective and healthy method in case you intend to populate a hive. They are sold in 1.5 kg formats and are capable of holding more or less 15,000 young worker bees and possibly a queen. The latter appears to be in its fruitful period and may belong to the Buckfast or Ligustica species; in both cases we naturally speak of certified specimens. If your intention is to use your own queen, only packs of worker bees will be delivered to you.

This system, called "reinforcement", is also indicated if you need to create new families starting from pre-existing nuclei. Our company gives you the possibility to choose between packs of bees:

  • orphaned workers
  • workers with queen Ligustica
  • workers with Queen Buckfast

You will then have to indicate the period and type of delivery (with collection at our shop or at a motorway exit). In order to guarantee you the best possible quality, we will take care of discarding the old bees and any drones, so that your future production is optimized to the maximum.

If you are in Spain our location for bee packs is located in Ajora. Our dealer will handle your order with the utmost accuracy.

We deliver our bees in Germany. Please contact us for further information or your order request and our dealer will handle your order with the utmost accuracy.

Production of bee packs





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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 5.


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Speed ​​and Accuracy in the preparation of the Order

Our team creates bee packs in a highly professional way, following specific criteria and phases developed over the years. We specialize in the production of packages that include:

    • the shaking of bees directly from the super
    • the passage through a special funnel
    • the use of an electronic scale calibrated to the amount of bees necessary for the composition of the package

The entire process is therefore extremely optimized and this allows us to provide you (very quickly) with packages made up of young, strong bees with a high life expectancy. The swarms are completely free of drones and kept cool thanks to the use of ax holders made with highly insulating materials.

Sale of bee packs: transport and incarnation

Selling swarms bees online first of all involves the process of creating individual packages, which are then kept inside a cold room and shipped within a day, in order to guarantee the integrity of the structure and stress as reduced as possible for translocated hymenoptera. The transport takes place through the use of refrigerated and ventilated vehicles, an ad hoc solution designed to preserve the vitality and original characteristics of the swarm. The advice is to keep the bees away from drafts and away from excessive cold or direct sunlight.

After reaching their destination, the packs of bees must be "inarnate", as is the case for all swarms. It is possible to opt for the hulling of the entire transport box or only the bees, depending on the method chosen. The advice is to proceed with the transfer anyway after a few hours, a period of time during which the bees will have time to calm down after the stress caused by the journey. Also take into account the recorded temperature, which must never be below 10 degrees.

The initial and final steps are identical in both procedures. Remember to provide 50% syrup every two days for nourishment, preferably in the evening in order to avoid episodes of looting, associating everything with protein candied fruit, which will ensure a faster recovery of the hive. At the end of the first week, or even a few days before, it will be possible to open the family by gradually adding wax sheets or honeycombs built, according to the needs of your swarm. In about 2 months, the growing process should be over, with the family appearing ready for the first harvest.

Why focus on our bee packs?

By choosing our bee pack sales service, you can rely primarily on an incredibly performing core development mode and a higher health level for your swarm. This is because, by inserting naked bees in your hive, you will lower the probability of transferring any diseases (virosis and pests) or bacterial loads at the same time as the hive. The packs without a queen, therefore orphaned, allow you to "upgrade" the families, so as to have them ready during the harvest period.

Orders and general information

Our sale of bee packs requires a minimum order of 5 units, with the possibility of delivery to the headquarters but also to a specific motorway exit. In fact, we want to effectively meet your needs, taking care of every detail and facilitating collection operations. Each package, as mentioned, contains more or less 15,000 young and strong bees, able to do the harvesting work in the best possible way and to provide a valid help to your hive and to production in general.

The delivery phases extend from March to June, so you can choose the period that suits you best, based on your production needs. All the specimens used in the online bee swarm sale are of extreme quality, thanks to our attention in finding the most industrious, long-lived, healthy and mild colonies. These bees, in fact, will never come into conflict with any pre-existing swarms, but on the contrary they will have an active part in stabilizing and settling the family. The same goes for the availability of queen mothers, also associated with a high quality level.

Take a look at our offers and contact us without delay if you need information or personalized quotes. We are at your complete disposal and would like to provide you with all possible support, both in the pre-sales and after-sales phases.

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