Virgin Buckfast Queen Bees

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Virgin Buckfast Queen Bees are suitable for the production of honey and pollen.

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Our experience spans 35 years of passion for Buckfast virgin queen bees and for all other types of bees.

Our selection is carried out following specific parameters:

  • excellent prolification,
  • compactness in the brood,
  • good spring recovery,
  • docility,
  • held in the honeycomb,
  • hygienic instinct,
  • good honey production.

Our honey

We specialize in the supply of retail and wholesale honey for different capacities: from 25kg to 300kg. We supply honey of different types: citrus, thyme, cherry, eucalyptus, clover, spring wildflower and summer wildflower.

Buckfast bees

The Buckfast bee is a hybrid queen bee breed, particularly known for its resistance to the feared mite parasites.

The virgin queen bee Buckfast, in fact, in the early 1900s when this parasite decimated entire populations of bees throughout Europe, was taken into greater consideration and imported precisely because of its resistance characteristics.

An evolved hybrid that has all the merits of the bee breeds from which it comes, through crossings and experiments lasting over 70 years, and which has not inherited their defects.

The one who imported the virgin queen Buckfast bee to Europe is Father Adam, well known for having ascertained that the hybrid bee was a breed capable of surviving the hostile environments caused by the parasite.

An intuition that was then picked up and taken up by many of the father's beekeepers, who began to cultivate this breed in the following years without stopping in the study work to deepen every single peculiarity

The special feature of the Buckfast Virgin Queen bees

The virgin queen bees from the Buckfast strain are the result of numerous crosses with many other well-selected breeds of bees to achieve a result of perfection unique in its kind: robustness, low tendency to swarm, sweetness, ease of handling, resistance to parasites and other common diseases that contract bees and, last but not least, a high group instinct.

Furthermore, the hygiene-sanitary peculiarity of this breed of bees is the one that impresses most. In fact, Buckfast queen bees are able to clean themselves, to clean the other bees and the hive. This quality has been rediscovered in recent decades, based on the latest studies of this breed, significantly increasing its pedigree.

Characteristics of this breed of bees

After this information and after evaluating the qualities of Buckfast virgin queen bees, it is easy to understand why they have become a reference point for modern beekeepers. However, in addition to the qualities, there are also genetic and non-genetic characteristics, which are worth knowing in order to fully understand the usefulness and relevance of these bees in a broader and better detailed discussion on the world of beekeeping:

  • in spring they evolve explosively
  • they have a very mild temperament
  • they winter better than the other breeds while consuming less
  • they survive without problems in colder temperatures
  • they swarm less and have less tendency to do so
  • their attitude to hygiene allows them not to get sick
  • they make an excellent harvest
  • the queen bee lays fewer eggs towards autumn

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